KRESKO Banana Wheat
Joy to taste

Sweet and crispy. Banana or chocolate taste. There are a lot of these in every pack and you will never grow tired of them. But the main thing is that the new Kresko treats are always there for you — every time you want hug the whole world. And now this joy will come to taste for everyone!

And next?
Chocolate makes happier

You bite Kresko and find happiness hormone inside, favourite antidepressant of all the foodies in the last 4000 years! If you like chocolate, you will love chocolate Kresko — the tastiest source of energy that is always within touch. Any time, any company, thick and fast.

Chocolate makes happier

Banana taste Kresko is a combination of 4 most popular products in the world: banana takes 4th place in the world rankings, right after wheat, rice and corn! And that is no surprise, because soft banana filling inside every Kresko figure makes wonder: you work faster, rest with more fun and your mood goes high!

KRESKO Chocolate KRESKO Chocolate
Birth of an original treat
Take best wheat, rice and corn
Grind the cereals that went through heat treatment into flour
Add your favourite soft filling into every figure
Crispy Kresko treats are ready! We can now pack them and deliver to the stores
The dignity of taste
We save the good of the ingredients to make Kresko even more tasty! Crispy shell of the treat consists of wheat, rice and corn and extrusion technology helps to save up to 85% of vitamins and 95% of minerals of the cereals. Every figure has a soft fruit of chocolate stuffing inside and of course Kresko does not have any preservatives, stabilizers or GMO and more importantly — it is made without frying.
Iron is a part of blood, it regulates our immune system and provides normal growth of the organism
Vitamin Е is an important antioxidant that takes care of our skin health and improve the blood supply
"Metal Of Life", magnesium regulates the nervous system, improves digestion and takes part in over 300 organism reactions
Phosphorus helps our brains and circulatory system work and works on bones formation
"Optimism vitamin", В1 supports nervous system work, improves mental capacity and mood
Vitamin B2 is an irreplaceable member of the metabolic processes, necessary for healthy skin and eyesight
Vitamin K regulates blood clotting processes, helps in bone tissue formation
Calcium strengthens teeth, bones and nails and protects the body from the bacteria and viruses